Vue générale du Domaine du Cinquau

Domaine du Cinquau

France, South-West, Pyrenees, cradle of Jurançon wines, Domaine du Cinquau.

In the family for 400 years, the Domaine du Cinquau, on the hillside, between streams and mountains, conceals a real treasure : 12 hectares of fine gold (30 acres).

Pyrenees and Ocean, lovers of the south, cherish the vine. Here, the fruits and their loves are raised to the best of themselves, combining tradition and progress.

We bring to the grape a particular care: harvest by hand and by successive tries for each of the sweet Jurançon, adapted harvest buckets to avoid any damage to the grain, which arrive intacts at the press, near the cellars. Then a long stay in vat or barrel, up to 18 months for our most powerful Jurançon.

Nine wines are born under the best auspices.

Start your discovery with the history of the Domaine through the ages. Then continue with its geography, so particular and unique in this Jurançon terroir.

Finally embark on a virtual visit or the photo gallery of the Domaine du Cinquau.

If you would like to visit us and make your visit as pleasant as possible, we have created an interactive trail around the Domaine, winding through the vineyards and forests. A beautiful tasting awaits you at the end of this journey!

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