Les vignes du Domaine du Cinquau

The Domaine & the vineyards

The vineyards of Domaine du Cinquau

In the family since 1617, the Domaine du Cinquau was already covered with vineyards and forest at that time. The estate is located in the South West near Lourdes, Biarritz and the Spanish border.

In a landscape of hillsides of the most western Pyrenean foothills, this area is called “between two Gaves” (“Gave” is the generic name given to streams (large or small), located in Béarn, Bigorre and Chalosse) because it is delimited on the one hand by the “Gave de Pau” and on the other hand, the “Gave d’Oloron”.

With the latest wine technologies, Domaine du Cinquau produces 6 types of wine: 3 dry Jurançon, a sparkling, 1 red, 3 sweet Jurançon and 1 Late Harvest. Discover them in our online shop.


12 hectares (30 acres) of vineyards surrounding the buildings which allows the grain not to suffer from a long transport before arriving in the cellars.
– 32% of Gros Manseng used for making dry and sweet wines.
– 58% Petit Manseng gives sweet wines of great quality, incomparable aromatic and taste richness.
– 7% Petit Courbu used in assembly and bringing complexity and length in the mouth.
– 3% Manseng Noir for our fleshy and balanced red wine.
Nature of the soil:
Clay-silty and clay-limestone with many pebbles on some plots.


On slopes with a steep slope at an average altitude of 200m.
The vineyards of Domaine du Cinquau are conducted in “hautains” (trellising) to more than two meters. This has the advantage of preserving the vines of late frosts that rage on the ground.
The oldest plots are planted at 3000 per hectare, current plantings are at 4000 per hectare.


All parcels are grouped around the estate, which is a major asset.
They are exposed East and South and are thus protected from prevailing winds and bad weather from the North.


Very favorable to the cultivation of the vine, the temperate climate is influenced by the proximity of the Pyrenees, benefiting at the same time of the hot wind that comes from Spain, the “Foehn”, and the softness of the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, the autumn, soft and sunny, favors an incomparable over-ripening.

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