Vue du Domaine du Cinquau depuis le coteau en face - Jurançon AOC

The Jurançon (CDO)

Jurançon CDO, the solar wine.

At the foot of the peaks of the Bearn region, the Jurançon AOC vineyard is one of the southernmost in France due to its latitude.

Not far from Lourdes and Biarritz, in an area of hillsides at an average altitude of 300 m, the vineyard is spread over forty kilometers.

Small plots of vines nestled in sunny combs make up the vineyard. They are spread out in a green setting among numerous palm and banana trees, from the terraces of the Château de Pau to the grandiose Pyrenees mountain range.

In order to exploit the best terroirs, which are often very steep, it can be planted in terraces. These sometimes take the form of an amphitheatre.

The silico-clay soil is rich in rolled pebbles carried by the torrents and Pyrenean glaciers.

An east-west line divides the vineyard:

In the south, the subsoil comes from marine sediments deposited before and during the formation of the Pyrenees.

In the north, the earth’s soils are Jurançon powdery, calcareous pebbles and clay with siliceous gravel. Put in place during the formation of the Pyrenees.

The climate combines:

Mountain rigour : vines are driven on high ground because of the risk of frost in the spring.

Oceanic mildness : good distribution of rainfall which ensures a harmonious development of the vine.

Southern heat, and in particular the beautiful Indian summer of Béarn and the south wind which allows the passerillage. Technique of overmaturation for the elaboration of great sweet wines.

History of Jurançon CDO

Two white wines with an appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) since 1936 produced on 1400 ha of vines planted on the slopes of the steep hillsides facing the grandiose Pyrenees mountain range. The Jurançon wine draws its royal history from its ancient roots.

In the 14th century, the Princes of Béarn and the Parliament of Navarre introduced the notion of “cru” according to the value of the plots of land. First attempts at classification in France long before all other vineyards. First protections to preserve the authenticity of Jurançon wines.

In 1553: at the birth of Henri IV – the future Bon Roy Henri – Jurançon entered the history of France. With his lips rubbed with a clove of garlic and moistened with a drop of Jurançon, the royal baptized was given a vigour and ardour that would never leave him.

The vineyard has gone through the centuries and the many twists and turns of recent history to regain its letters of nobility. Thanks to a dynamic of quality instilled by the independent winegrowers of the appellation.

Some key dates of the appellation :

1936: creation of the AOC Jurancon. One of the first AOC created in France.
1975: creation of AOC Jurançon Sec (Dry Jurançon).
May 10, 1996: creation of the mention “Vendanges Tardives” (“Late Harvest”). Jurançon and Alsace are the only wine areas to have it.

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