High Environmental Value (HEV) Certification

Thanks to the fruit of several years of work, the Domaine du Cinquau has obtained High Environmental Value (HEV) certification since 1st of October 2019.

Committed for more than 30 years to a viticultural approach that is ever more ambitious in terms of quality and respect for the environment, we wish to go further in terms of environmental and health requirements.

High Environmental Valur

The High Environmental Value certification gives consumers the certainty that the winegrower :

Engages in alternative practices that respect the ecosystem of the land where it grows its vines and produces its wine.

Promotes biodiversity by preserving areas that are untouched by any agricultural activity, made up of hedges, trees, small bodies of water, ditches or old agricultural plots of land set aside.

It thus encourages an agro-ecological reasoning of the whole farm.

The HVE label is regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, through ministerial orders and decrees.

There are 3 levels of environmental certification. The highest, level 3, guarantees the environmental performance of the winegrower, its high level of biodiversity conservation, managed fertiliser use, plant protection strategy and water ressource management.

The High Environmental Value label is awarded to winegrowers that have achieved level 3 environmental certification.

High Environmental Value

An ambitious roadmap to organic winegrowing

Through the strength of our convictions and hard work, we are preparing our Domaine to meet the expectations of French and international consumers.

Through this certification, we wish to bring a guarantee, recognized and carried by the French public authorities, to consumers and demonstrate the sanitary quality of our production. And we continue on this path with an organic conversion process already well underway.