Salles de réception

Pro & Private Receptions

The reception rooms of the Domaine du Cinquau

Peaceful Haven, 10 minutes from Pau, the area of Cinquau, wine producer AOC Jurançon and Dry Jurançon, regularly taking the praise of the specialized press, welcomes you in a unique setting, an exceptional site between green valleys, vineyards and “roman” theater in its reception rooms.

At the heart of the cellars, which can be seen through a splendid bay window, a room with perfect acoustics and the spectacular wooden ceiling opens many possibilities to you in front of the huge courtyard overlooking the vines bathed in light.

With its traditional architecture, the smaller room “Les Cadets” is extended by the “Cyrano” terrace overlooking the vineyards of Petit Manseng.

The Domaine team is at your disposal and will welcome you with pleasure to make you discover its spaces of receptions of which you already have a preview on these pages!

We can also help you in the organization of your event: various activities around the wine (tastings, visits), advice of quality service providers, development of a custom wine list …


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