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Professional Receptions

For any request, please contact us : receptions@cinquau.fr

The Chai Gascogne

Chai Gascogne is a flexible space designed to meet your different demands of professional receptions. A spacious room with good acoustics and lighting by area allows you for example to organize: a gala dinner, a conference, or even in the separate room in two: a conference and a cocktail area or seated meal.

It can be arranged in several workshops and also serve for the presentation of products indoors or outdoors in the courtyard of the Musketeers, beautiful esplanade facing the vineyards. We can study all your particular configuration requests.

Area : 600 m²
Dinner : 100 – 400 people
Conference : 140 – 400 people
Cocktail : 150 – 600 people

professional receptions : Seminar, conference
professional receptions : gala dinner

Discover our examples of room plans

“Les Cadets” Room for your professional receptions

“Les Cadets” room offers a functional and warm space respecting the classic Bearnaise architecture: pebble walls and exposed roofing frameworks.

Extended by the terrace “Cyrano”, this bright room will allow you to welcome your customers and collaborators in an original setting, in the heart of the vineyard for a seminar, a reinforced work meeting, a team building day, and therefore all kinds of professional receptions.

Area : 104 m² (Cyrano terrace : 130 m²)
Dinner : 40 – 70 personnes
Cocktail : 50 – 100 personnes
Meeting : 50 personnes
Conference : 80 personnes

professional receptions : gala dinner

Possible equipment and services
: video projector and screen, sound system and microphones, audio or video conference, lighting and staging.